Nepal Motion Pictures Association, more commonly called NEMPA was established in 1956 AD as a trade organization for the Nepali Film Industry. It is the first internationally recognized association in the Nepali film industry and it has been playing a major role in examining the suitability of film for public exhibition. Its task was to curb the criticism of films so as to give a more favorable  image of the film industry.

The combined efforts of Nepal motion producers, distributors and exhibitors organization established Nepal Motion Pictures Association, a non- governmental and charitable association that has been serving as the voice and advocate of the motion picture and film industry in Nepal. NEMPA has evolved over time in order to fulfill  its major objectives: advancing the art and business of film making, promoting the creative and artistic freedom of film makers and ensuring the satisfaction of our audience worldwide.

We are the voice of one of the country’s most vibrant industries i.e. the film industry and we aspire to encourage and promote the art of film making in the days to come as well.


The main purposes of our association are summarized below :-

1. To work for film development throughout the country.

2. Manage and fix appropriate laws for film production, distribution and to provide the necessary raw materials, equipment’s and technical support.

3. Guide and provide necessary technical workers with the goal to prepare them within the country.

4. Train workers to conduct seminars, workshops, meetings in order to give appropriate information to the public regarding movie promotion and also to establish statistical data collection, promotion and audio visual communication center.

5. Give priority to the films produced by Nepali citizens in the national language of Nepal.

6. Represent Nepal’s film industry in movie inquiry  committee or any governmental or nongovernmental organizations related to films.

7. Maintain co ordination, reconciliation and understanding between movie’s producer, distributor , exhibitor  and  government or non-body or functionary or person.

8. Provide advice on the formulation of consulting policies related to communication in accordance with the need of the government and other people or organization.

9. Develop relationship, perform transactions and agreement among national or international organizations or people who contribute to the same goal or purpose of the association on the basis of mutuality.

10. To encourage general public to help develop and promote the national language and culture and to form Pressure Groups for this purpose.

11. Prepare public opinion that supports development and expansion of the national film art and uplifts the cultural importance of the country.

12. Work to strengthen the economic sources rather than aiming primarily for the profits.

13. Do tasks without prejudicing existing laws or laws specified above or any of the good of the association achieve its objectives.

14. Secure and promote the rights and interests of industrialists and movie struggles .